$35 Billion Towards HFAs: An Interview Gone Bad

by Florida's #1 Mortgage Planner on September 29, 2009

Yesterday I was invited to be on FOX Business News’ Stuart Varney show and I jumped at the opportunity.  The reason I was excited was that I got to discuss one of my favorite subjects these days, the government’s wasteful overspending.  I was sent a copy of this Wall Street Journal article that talked about the $35 billion dollars the Obama Administration was looking to give to state run Housing Finance Agencies (HFAs).

I read the article, discussed the topics with my Mortgage Mastermind Group to see if what they had to say and did a little more research into the topic in preparation to going live on the air for the first time.  I wanted to be fully ready and have the capability of discussing my opinion and confident to handle anything thrown at me on the subject during the interview.  But guess what happened?  That’s right, we didn’t talk about the article at all, and instead we discussed FHA loans instead.  Talk about going down a different road, and one I am not the expert on as I do not originate FHA loans.

My best guess is that their “research team” confused the HFA with FHA and researched FHA stats and how the government is not foreclosing as many FHA loans as Conventional is.  I give them a A+ in their research on the angle they took, but I would have to give them an D- or an F on staying on the original topic.  Nevertheless, I was not sure what the etiquette is on TV, especially LIVE TV, so I just followed the interviewer’s lead and made the best of it.  The interview is posted below, but first I ask you read the article then watch the video and decide in my poll below how well I did considering what was thrown at me in mere seconds while I was on the air.  Oh, and I am going to do a post after this one that hits the key points of the article so I can get my opinion heard since I did so much preparation anyway.

As you can see, the interviewer started immediately off the originally planned topic, so you can imagine what I was thinking while I am trying to grasp the numbers he is talking about, which I cannot see.  If you have never done an interview like this, understand you sit in a dark room with bright lights on you and stare into a camera lens.  You cannot see the interviewer, just hear him through your earpiece and talk to him through the microphone.  That adds to the complexity of what I was dealing with.  Anyhow, here is the poll…

Once again, if there is anyone at FOX Business News, thank you for the opportunity to be on the show as it was a great experience and I do hope to be able to do it again.  And if there are any other news agencies reading this, feel free to give me a call and I will be happy to assist you in covering a mortgage topic as well.

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