Telenovelas Killed the Mortgage Market

by Florida's #1 Mortgage Planner on December 9, 2008

As I was pondering what I could write about today, it dawned on me that it may very well be time to bring back my post on ActiveRain where I showed that the fact Telenovelas were being used to educate Hispanics on home ownership was forecasting the destruction of the mortgage market.  I did that original post, Interesting Way to Forecast the Destruction of a Market, back on January 9, 2007.  Shortly thereafter, the subprime market collapsed, followed by the entire mortgage market, along with the housing market’s continued demise.

Since Hollywood is batting 1000 on forecasting market collapses, keep a close eye on which industry is being “broadcasted” next as it may be time to get out of that one.  Heck, I would probably even start shorting stocks in the companies located in that sector of the economy.

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