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Robert D. Ashby is the owner of Solid Rock Mortgage Corporation located in Pembroke Pines, FL. He is also a pilot for American Airlines, currently flying as First Officer on the Boeing 757 and Boeing 767 aircraft. His entrepreneurial spirit even pushed him to open Solid Rock Vacations, LLC.

Mr. Ashby had aspired to be a pilot since he was in sixth grade, developing an overwhelming passion for flying which helped him break through obstacles and attain his “dream job.” That same level of passion continues to drive hime today, only now it is directed at helping Americans better their finances, particularly through the strategic use of their mortgage.

In late 1997, he realized that Americans are not properly educated in how to handle their finances and many financial gurus do not show some of the better strategies. He began his financial services path and quickly obtained his Series 6 and 63 Securities licenses along with Life and Health licenses in Northern Virginia. After several years, he decided to move to Florida, and that is when he decided a change was needed.

After settling in his new home in 2002, his thoughts again focused on helping Americans with their finances, only this time he would focus on “mortgage planning”, which back then didn’t even have a formal name. His research showed that very few mortgage professionals truly understood the impact of a mortgage on one’s overall financial plans and that most financial advisors didn’t even include the mortgage in their clients’ plans. In late 2002, he decided to become a mortgage broker as a means to assist families and obtained his license in March 2003.

It didn’t take long for him to realize that he needed to break out on his own. Their was a definite need in the marketplace and the only way he would be able to freely assist Floridians in integrating their mortgage properly was to be in charge. Again, his passion took charge and he opened Solid Rock Mortgage Corporation in March 2004, followed by constant study to truly understand how mortgages work and the best strategies to use in varying situations to help Floridians improve their financial health.

In 2005, the CMPS Institute became the first to develop a formal designation to “mortgage planning” due to the growing popularity of the specialization. Mr. Ashby realized the value of additional education and almost immediately took the course, becoming the first Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist in the state of Florida, and the 28th in the entire nation. But his educaton didn’t stop there, as he continues to research new strategies, read new books, and strives to consistantly be the best at utilizing a mortgage as a financial tool.

During his career, he has developed his own unique mortgage planning process, which is designed to ensure the best mortgage plan for anyone’s situation. This process, called MEDS (Managing Equity and Debt Strategically)â„¢ was developed through the combination of his financial services background and that of mortgage planning. It is a multi-step program that begins with a questionaire instead of a mortgage application because there is more to a mortgage than simply completing a 1003 and submitting paperwork. Mortgage planning delves into the goals and dreams, as well as risk tolerance and other things, to find the best strategy for each client. Ultimately, the strategy implemented will result in greater wealth over time, achieving those goals and dreams faster.

Mr. Ashby has also been included in several articles by the media and among other notable real estate blogs. In fact, he has been asked by several real estate and mortgage blogs to contribute content, deciding to contribute to Agent Genius and Lenderama. Some names of media outlets you may recognize that have included him are MarketWatch and Inman News.

If you want to use your mortgage as a financial tool, have an open mind to new concepts, and are looking for a better way to manage your debt, you need to contact Robert D. Ashby and start taking your MEDSâ„¢.

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