Here some things actual clients had to say:

“While reading the Active Rain real estate blog online, I stumbled upon some words of wisdom that made good common sense. Those words were written by Mr. Robert Ashby. I took the time to visit Mr. Ashby’s website, found an email address, and wrote a letter explaining my circumstances in hopes that he could lend some more solid advice. Mr. Ashby found the time to respond to my request while he was on vacation, I couldn’t help but think this was the type of person who truly cares about the advice they’re giving. That initial contact occurred over 1/2 year ago, and I’ve maintained loose contact with Mr. Ashby since then, and he always responds to my questions with what I still consider good solid advice. I consider Mr. Ashby a great asset in my education and understanding of how to utilize my mortgage debt to create financial well-being. It should be noted that while Mr. Ashby works out of Florida, I live in the southwestern United States, and am NOT a client of Mr. Ashby’s, yet he always listens to my concerns and responds in a timely fashion. I wish my local mortgage lenders were half as helpful. I look forward to my continued correspondence with Robert and consider him an “Advisor for Life”. Thanks Robert.”
– Justin R., Las Vegas, NV

“After e-mailing Robert Ashby on several occasions and reading many, many of his postings and articles, it has become clear to me that he is first and foremost committed to helping people. His strong sense of the mortgage industry as well as his keen pulse in other areas including investment options, retirement considerations, financial strategies, etc. is indicative of his enduring capacity as not only a multi-faceted mortgage professional, but a truly committed advisor. Thanks for all your help Robert!”.
– Name and Address withheld at client’s request

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